I’ll Help You Grow Your own Groceries

You want to grow more of your own food, but you need some support. I’ll be that farming Uncle you never had, and will guide you along the way.

You Want to Grow More of Your Own Food, but the problem is…

Problem #1
You want to grow more, but you feel like you lack the knowledge to move forward. After all, Grandma and Grandpa didn’t pass their knowledge down the line and the books don’t answer every question. 

Problem #2
You believe you lack time, money and/or space to grow what you want.

Problem #3
Your friends and family think you’re NUTS and you feel lonely in the pursuit of this endeavor. 

The Good News is that
I can help you
overcome those problems
to find food growing

I’ve been growing my own food for 15 years and have helped thousands of people do the same. I too was once lonely, inept and ill prepared. I read countless books, but didn’t find all the answers. I made lots of mistakes.

I  remember wishing for an experienced food growing Uncle that I could just reach out to in time of need. Yet, I pushed through and kept growing. I learned the hard way. Over time I got really good at growing my family's groceries. In 2016 I was able to grow 75% of our food on less than 1/4 of an acre, working less than 10 hours a week! Fast forward to today and we’re raising 100% of our meat (year round ), 90% of our dairy and well over 75% of our family’s overall food requirements.

Burdened for others who want to grow their own food, but just need a little help, I became the “change.” I created a membership area where folks could tap hundreds of instructional videos, join a vibrant community and even get direct access to me via LIVE shows and text access. Over the Last five years I’ve taught thousands of people to how to cut costs, save time and grow efficiently in small spaces. Basically, I became that food growing Uncle I wished I had and have literally taken hundreds of folks under my wings. Some even call me, “Uncle Justin”. I hope you’ll be next ;) 

Member Features Built Just For You 

How-To Videos

Enjoy the power of video to learn how set up your homestead with permaculture design, grow an abundant garden, raise delicious chickens and more.


Find community and support with like minded folks in our exclusive Facebook Group and our new community forum.

Direct Access to Justin

I’ll be that experienced farming Uncle you never had ;) Text me directly and join me live 2X a month to get that specific question answered.


Save 10% from homestead companies you’ll use like Premiere 1 Fencing, Johnny Seeds, McMurray Hatchery and others.

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Meet Your Instructors

Justin Rhodes Teaches How to Grow Most of Your Own Food

-Learn the art of growing Chickens, Gardening, Permaculture, raising pigs and much more (over 275 videos inside)
-Get your specific (or urgent) questions answered fast with direct access VIA text and LIVE webinar twice monthly (Premium Level)  

Rebekah Rhodes Teaches Homesteading and Wellness

 - Get insight from Rebekah (and other members) with daily interaction in the Facebook group. - Benefit from Rebekah’s vast knowledge of natural wellness LIVE in twice monthly webinars. (Premium Level)  

Joel Salatin Teaches Homestead Design and Profitable Farming.


Casey + Tori Ostwinch Teach How to Start Seeds and Care for Young Plants

Ben + Meg Hollar Teach How to Set up a “New” Homestead 

Darby Simpson Teaches Starting Your Own Micro Farm

Morgan Gold Teaches Tips for Raising Ducks  

Al Lumnah Teaches Cold Climate Homesteading & Homestead Building 

Jill Winger Teaches You How to Prepare Delicious Dishes 

 Jason Contreras Teaches Building for the Farm

Mike Dickson Teaches Farm Fitness

 Amy Teaches How to Keep Your Flock Healthy (Naturally) 

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100% Money Back Guarantee! Absolutely NO risk. Get inside, take a look around. If you like it, keep it. If not, cancel ANYTIME! No hard feelings ;)

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How to Build Raised Garden Beds

Don’t wait, start learning now!

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Other Features Inside the Member Area Include


Delicious (yet practical) dishes from Jill Winger and Justin Rhodes


Digital Master Classes on butchering chickens, pigs and beef included with premium annual subscription. Worth over $300

Live Q & A

Gain direct access to Justin and Rebekah LIVE 2X per month to get your ALL your specific questions answered.


Discover your food growing neighbors by opting into a private directory to find (and be found) by others near you. 


Continually updated links to the tools, equipment, books and other critical things I use to get stuff done.


Bring your spouse and/or children into the fold with login sharing and get them inside the private FB Group at no extra cost.

Help Others

Proceeds help fund our scholarship fund. Up to 20% of our members are given scholarships for lack of finances.

Registration is currently closed. Join the wait list for when we reopen in the fall and get a copy of our E-Book Permaculture Chickens.

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Monthly $15/mo

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Monthly $26/mo

Premium Lifetime
20% off and more


  •  DIY Instructional videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Private Directory
  • Resource List
  • Discounts
  •  DIY Instructional videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Private Directory
  • Resource List
  • Discounts
  • LIVE Q&A 2X monthly
  • Text Access

BONUS: Premium Annual Members Receive Attainable Sustainable and Intro to Permaculture Booklet Free!

  •  DIY Instructional videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Private Directory
  • Resource List
  • Discounts
  • LIVE Q&A 2X monthly
  • Text Access
  • Lifetime membership
  • “Permaculture Chickens Premium” ($139 value)
  • “Permaculture Pigs Premium” ($197 value)
  • “The Great American Farm Tour Premium”  ($159 value)

    BONUS: Premium Annual Members Receive Attainable Sustainable and Intro to Permaculture Booklet Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I sign up and don't like it? 

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Simply cancel within your account with two clicks (it's easy!) or send us an email. For the Annual packages, I offer a full refund within 30 days (incidentally, no one has taken me up on this, they’ve liked it so much). 

How do I access the videos? 

When you go through the sign-up process you will create your own unique account that gives you immediate access to the full private library of ever growing videos. You can login to access them at anytime. 

How do I access the new videos?

They will be added to the searchable video library that you can access through your user account. You will also receive an email notifying you of the new content and we'll post a link inside the community.

Does this replace the daily vlog?

Absolutely not! Those will continue on! These are additional in-depth how-to videos for those who want more training than what a 20 minute vlog can provide.  

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you contact us within the first 30 days. After that you can cancel anytime and your access will end at the end of the paid term.

How do I access the Facebook community?

The private community is hosted within a Facebook group. Once you sign up and are a full member you can request access to it. If you're in a trial period we'll approve you once you're a fully paid member. If you don’t use Facebook we’ve had some people just create an account without any details or friends and access the group that way.

Will I always have access to the videos? 

As long as you're an active member you will have access to the growing library of videos. Once membership is cancelled you will no longer have access to the library.

What if I can't afford it?

No one left behind because of cost. I understand that some of you may be struggling financially, so myself, Rebekah and this wonderful DIY Abundance Community would like to extend a 30 day free trial of the Basic Membership OR a FULL Scholarship of Basic Annual. Please scroll up to see details.